Project Introduction of Technical Service about CCC Certification
According to Chinese law and the latest regulations of the Chinese government, mining explosion-proof electrical products should not only obtain MA certificate, but also CCC certificate.

    我们为了最大限度服务客户,安标中心携手中国CCC 认证机构,为申办矿用产品安全标志的防爆电气制造商提供“一站式”服务,实现防爆电气产品的防爆性能检验“一次检验、双方认可”。对已取得矿用产品安全标志的防爆电气产品,安标国家中心也将协调CCC认证机构策划快捷办理服务。
In order to utmost our customer service, China MA Center collaborating with CCC certification body provides a "one-stop" service to manufacturers, being achieved "one test & mutual recognition" for the explosion-proof performance inspection. For explosion-proof electrical products that have obtained MA marks, China MA center will coordinate CCC certification bodies to plan and provide express services.

In needed, China MA Center is willing to act upon your CCC authorized representative to provide efficient, high quality and accurate certification technical services for customers to obtain CCC certificate. Any question and related business, please feel free to contact with us.